Jack’s OG Sativa – Infusion (10:1)

Mostly sativa flower and trim infused in MCT (coconut oil).   Strains used: Jack Herer, OG, Larry Bird and Acapulco Gold.

Contains aprox. 415mg cannabinoids per 15mL bottle (380 mg active THC / 35mg CBD).

Helps with chronic pain, anxiety, focus. Recommended use during day time.

Please handle responsibly and only in accordance with MMMP rules and regulations.

Visit one of the following locations to get yours:   Bloom City Club,  Green Vitality,  Om of Medicine,  Green Care

Use: – topically as needed on sore spots or skin blemishes.

– orally, dosage varies with body type. Usually, a 170lb adult should take 5-10 drops every 6hrs. Can be mixed with a favorite drink, but sublingually seems to be most effective.

TEST RESULTS (click to view pdf)

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  1. cal

    A 1/2 dropper in the morning helps me focus on whatever chore I’m about to tackle. Taking too much of this will increase anxiety. I definitely don’t take this before bed time, as it keeps me awake like drinking a coffee.

  2. Bryon

    I am absolutely blown away at how helpful the THC oil has been for me. I suffer severe nerve pain from cervical and lumber degeneration. I have spent the last three years working with doctors to figure out a way to cope. I have tried neurontin, cymbolta, lyrica, 6 different antidepressants. Each one left me worse with a bevy a side effects, including severe depression. I always used cannabis to balance the effects. I have gone from smoking, to vaping to simply using the THC oil and CBD oil together. 1/3 of a dropper of each, three times a day has me beginning to thrive again. I am so thankful!

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