Harlequin – Infusion

Harlequin, sativa, infused in organic fractionated coconut oil.  Flower used: Jack Herer, Blue Dream, Colombian Gold and full spectrum hemp oil.

Contains aprox. 560mg cannabinoids per 15mL bottle (270mg THC, 120mg THC-A, 170mg CBD)

Helps with focus, chronic pain, anxiety.

Please handle responsibly and only in accordance with MMMP rules and regulations.

Use: – topically as needed on sore spots or skin blemishes.

– orally, dosage varies with body type. Usually, a 170lb adult should take 5-10 drops per serving, or every 6hrs. Can be mixed with a favorite drink, but sublingually seems to be most effective.

TEST RESULTS (click to view pdf)

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  1. cal

    I take about 1/2 dropper (20 drops, 1ml) during the day, especially if I need a clear head but euphoric feeling. It’s a day-time favorite, as aches seem to melt away.

  2. Penny

    This is my daytime go to for pain, I use a small amount under my tongue a couple times during the day and it allows me to continue to work strong, with a clear head. THANK YOU!!

  3. Jeannie

    I’m so glad I found this tincture. I use it twice a day for all day pain relief and I can function normally while using it. The CBD and THC compliment each other well.

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